Baker Delivers Doughnuts to TSA Workers Operating During Government Shutdown

Rachel Wyman is hoping to make life a little sweeter for struggling government workers.

One American is doing her part one doughnut at a time during the partial government shutdown

Rachel Wyman, owner of the Montclair Bread Company in New Jersey, is making 700 doughnut per week to hand out to struggling federal workers.

Every Thursday she drives over to Newark Liberty International Airport to personally deliver the food to TSA agents who are working without pay.

As the shutdown enters day 34, furloughed government workers are still struggling to get by.

The doughnuts are just one of the many acts of kindness in the midst of the brutal battle between President Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

At The World Central Kitchen in the nation's capital, free hot meals and coffee are being offered to workers. And food banks across the country are offering free groceries. 

A gas station near San Francisco is giving out free gas to all furloughed workers.

On Thursday, a group of officials representing air traffic controllers, pilots and flight attendants says the industry is facing a level of risk they "can’t even calculate" because of the partial shutdown.

On Friday, furloughed federal workers will miss their second paycheck.

Next week Montclair Bread will take bagged lunches to all 600-plus TSA employees at Newark airport. You can sponsor a federal worker’s lunch at its website