Bald Eagle Named Icarus Recovering From Severe Burns After Flying Too Close to Power Lines

The bird of prey was found in a Florida canal.

A bald eagle has been given a second chance after it was found this week floundering in a Florida canal.

Rescuers from Peace River Wildlife Refuge were called after residents of a Punta Gorda neighborhood heard "a huge bang" and went outside to find the bird of prey after it had apparently been shocked on a power line before landing on the ground and hopping into the water.

Upon examination, the eagle has extensive burn marks over most of his body.

"Feathers all over his body from his head, both wings, his body his tail were just singed," said Dr. Robin Jenkins, veterinarian. 

Rescuers named the bird Icarus, after the mythological son of a Greek inventor whose makeshift wings melted away when he flew too close to the son.

Caregivers initially feared that the damage might be irreversible, but an update suggests Icarus will fly again.

"His evaluation today showed no worsening of the tissues like [what] typically happens with full electrical surge through the body," the refuge wrote in a Wednesday post to Facebook. "His injuries look better so we’re hopeful he got singed only on the exterior and that’s the best news possible! If he maintains, he’ll only have to wait for a molt for new flight feathers, which can take several months."