Banksy Painting Depicting British Parliament as Chimps Hits Auction Block

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As British Prime Minister Boris Johnson struggles to keep his Parliament in order, a 2009 Banksy painting illustrating the U.K. law-making body as chimps hits the auction block.

The painting known as “Devolved Parliament” showcases the enigmatic artist's satirical and cynical view of the British government as being run by a lower species. 

The painting will be going on display in London for the first time at Sotheby’s Auction House, less than 1 mile from the House of Commons. “Devolved Parliament” is expected to fetch anywhere from about $1 million to about $3 million.

“Regardless of where you sit in the Brexit debate, there’s no doubt that this work is more pertinent now than it has ever been, capturing unprecedented levels of political chaos and confirming Banksy as the satirical polemicist of our time,” Sotheby’s Head Of Contemporary Art Alex Branczik told The Guardian

The painting is also going on display during a tumultuous time in British politics as the ongoing Brexit negotiations have stalled. The mysterious street artist has been open against Brexit. In 2017, he created a mural in the port city of Dover featuring the European flag with one of the stars being chiseled out. 

Banksy has not had a new piece of art released since June 2019, when he created a bulletproof vest with the British flag for rapper Stormzy before he headlined England’s coveted Glastonbury Festival. 

Many believe Banksy will create new art this weekend and feature it in New York City, as it has been long rumored that he is Massive Attack singer Robert “3D” Del Naja. Massive Attack are currently on tour in America and began a three-night run in the city Thursday. 

The New York Post reported that some theorists believe the artist is readying a new piece as the band, which sing about social causes, plotted their tour to land in the city during the week of the United Nations summit. 

Del Naja, who was born in Bristol, England, where Banksy is rumored to have hailed from, has never commented on the theory that he is the artist. 


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