Barber Shaves Celebrities' Faces Into Clients' Hair

After Lin-Manuel Miranda spotted one of the barber's masterpieces, he paid him a visit.

A Puerto Rican barber got the chance to meet Lin-Manuel Miranda after the “Hamilton” creator saw a photo of himself shaved into someone else's head. 

Anthony Reyes has been a barber for 23 years but has been creating faces in people’s hair for five. From The Rock, to Bob Marley, to Bad Bunny, Reyes has done it all. 

But when he put Miranda face in someone's hair, the playwright and composer saw the picture, posted it on Twitter and reached out to Reyes. 

“A person contacted me and told me that Lin posted my work in Twitter and that he liked it, and he told me that he would take me to meet him and fix his beard and I told him that it would be an honor for me,” Reyes told

Miranda stopped in Puerto Rico to kick of the touring production of “Hamilton” and decided to pay Reyes a visit for a haircut of his own. 

“I was able to meet him, talk and cut his hair,” Reyes said.