Bathrobe-Clad Burglary Suspect Slowly Stuffs Himself Through Home's Window

The laborious process was caught by surveillance camera.

Cat burglars have gotten their name for their feline-like skills at scaling buildings and easily slinking into their targets' homes — so maybe we should call this guy something else.

Footage posted by the Town of Ramapo Police Department in New York shows a suspected home intruder as he appears to have a decidedly tough time squeezing through a window.

The suspect also appears to be wearing less than ideal clothes for the job: A bathrobe and shower shoes. 

Eventually, the suspect grabs the kitchen sink to pull himself inside before climbing down onto a conveniently placed chair. 

The alleged intrusion occurred early Saturday.

Anyone who can identify the subject in video is asked to contact the Town of Ramapo Police at 845-357-2400.