Bear Caught on Camera Opening Door to California Police Station

The station believed the same bear came back a few days later

A police station in California witnessed the intrusion of an unusual trespasser.

A bear was caught on camera opening the door to the California Highway Patrol’s Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facility in Donner Pass. The intruder is seen on two feet casually opening the door and then returning to all fours to scope out the space and proceeding to walk into the station.

The bear did not snatch a snack or beverage, but did continue to stroll through another doorway that can be seen in the reflection of a glass window. Moments later, the bear let itself out the entrance it came through with two policemen shortly behind, appearing to be looking for the invader.   

The CHP posted the original surveillance video on its Facebook page saying, “We had an unexpected visitor last night at the facility.”

Viewers got a kick out of the footage that has over 136,000 views.

“This is unbearable!” one user said. “It could have been a grizzly situation! I couldn’t bear to watch!”

“Give him an application,” said another. “The poor guy is looking for a job!”

The facility posted another video of its outside surveillance camera catching who they believe is the same bear lurking in the parking lot.

“Our bear friend made a return visit…” the post read.

No one was harmed in either bear encounter and no damage was done to the facility.