Hungry Bear Helps Itself to Food After Breaking Into Couple's California Home

It was the second time that a bear had broken into the couple's home.

A California couple was stunned to find they had been the victims of breaking and entering — by a bear.

Lake Sakes and Carole Scofield, of South Lake Tahoe, couldn't believe what they were seeing as they viewed security footage of the 300-pound bear breaking a window and reaching into their home for food. 

The 7-foot-tall beast grabbed a bag of M&M's, spilling the candy all over the counter. 

He licked up the mess, and then found a few other snacks to munch on. 

After the bear spent nearly 15 minutes of rummaging through the kitchen, Sakes and Scofield returned to catch the animal in the act, and used bear spray to ward off the creature. 

The couple told WMUR that this was the second bear break-in they have had in as many years. Last year, a bear came into their home by knocking down the front door

California Department of Fish and Wildlife officials say bears normally get their food from garbage cans but have recently expanded their search to homes.