Sticky-Fingered Squirrel Makes Off With Bag of M&M's

It's not clear whether the animal will be charged in the candy theft.

A squirrel in Florida was not about to let a lack of money stop him from enjoying some candy.

Brianna Bradshaw was at Disney World Thursday when she walked into a store with her best friend and spotted a squirrel stealing M&M's off a shelf. 

“The squirrel just ran in and hopped up on their candy display and grabbed the bag of peanut M&Ms and just took off," Bradshaw told

"At the time, [employees] were trying to shoo it away," she added.

In a video of the theft, which has since gone viral, the speedy, bushy-tailed bandit runs out of the store without looking back.

“We were just kind of shocked,” Bradshaw said. “We were dying. After it was over, we were like, 'That just happened?'

Bradshaw said store employees told her it's not the first time the squirrel has done this. For now, the klepto creature remains on the loose.