That's Nuts! Deranged Squirrel Attacks Police Officers

A squirrel barricaded itself in a woman's kitchen and attacked police officers who came to help.

A wigged-out squirrel chewed his way into a woman's New York home and barricaded itself in the kitchen, chomping away at leftover holiday cookies and then attacking cops who came to call. 

The homeowner called the cops after nothing she tried could dislodge the raiding rodent.

Enter Brockport Police Department officers Joshua Sime and his partner, Tyler Dawson. Bodycam footage shows them entering the kitchen and asking for the loud radio to be turned down.

A child informs the cops that the squirrel turned on the radio.

And there it was, pinging off the walls like a drunken sailor.

Then it landed on the table, and without warning, launched itself across the room, plowing into Sime and glancing off Dawson. Hitting the ground running, the cookie thief tore off, then reversed, and bushy-tailed it right back inside the home.

Sime and Dawson doubled over in laughter, having just been assaulted by the teeniest of perps.   

"We weren't expecting that," Sime told

"This is law enforcement," he added. "You never know what's going to happen."

But being attacked by a deranged squirrel was not something Brockport police included in their training manual.

Sime and Dawson chased the rodent around the house until they were able to trap it behind the kitchen stove. Wearing his department-issued gloves, Sime grabbed the squirrel, which promptly bit him, but didn't break the glove's fabric.

"We took it outside and once it ran up the tree, our job was done," he said.

But not really. His department posted the bodycam video on its social media site, where it's been seen more than 300,000 times from viewers across the country and overseas. 

He and his partner weren't expecting that, either, he said.