Woman Inspired by Philadelphia Eagles Fans Finds Creative Way to Get Rid of Troublesome Squirrels

The squirrels have been eating all of the birdseed in her yard.

A Minnesota woman with a bit of a squirrel problem has taken a cue from the Philadelphia Police Department to help eradicate the issue.

Susan Shold saw that the pesky squirrels were eating all of the birdseed in her yard and decided she had to do something about it.

Inspired by cops in Philly, who applied Crisco to light poles to keep Eagles fans from climbing on them in post-game celebrations, she decided to do the same. 

“I remembered a news story I had seen, that the Philadelphia police had used Crisco on the light poles in town to keep the fans off the poles after the games,” she told InsideEdition.com. “I thought well, what could it hurt? I had some butter-flavored Crisco.

"I thought, 'Well, why not?' So I ran up to my kitchen, got the Crisco, put my coat on, ran outside, greased up the pole and waited.”

At first, the method appeared to work. But the squirrels haven't given up.

“They would try to jump on to the feeder itself, completely not using the pole, so they're smart," Shold said. "But I'm going to be smarter."

Shold is hoping that her ingenuity pays off, but in a few months, she'll have new visitors — bears. 

“In the wintertime, it’s squirrels that I struggle with," she said. "But in the summertime, it’s the black bears. So if only Crisco had something that would keep black bears off the pole, we would be in business."