Big Bad Bear Breaks Into Home to Steal Bread

Everyone turned out okay.

A bear, evidently hungry after a long hibernation, zeroed in on a California home, where he was found tearing up a kitchen in search of food.

Homeowners near Lake Tahoe were surprised by the bear last week and quickly enlisted the Placer County Sheriff's Office for help.

Thankfully, deputies were able to chase him out of the house after he snacked on some fruit and bread, the office said.

The office shared video of the incident, which shows the decidedly unconcerned bear as it stands atop a kitchen island and munches away as a man looks on from outside through the window. 

While this situation was quickly diffused, the Placer County Sheriff's Office warns folks who live near the animals to be cautious as we enter spring.

"As bears are coming out of hibernation, please use utmost caution if you encounter them," reads a message accompanying the video. "In this case, the homeowners were very grateful to the deputies who got the bear out of their house with no injuries and no property damage."