Mom Offers $500 Reward for 3-Year-Old's Lost Teddy Bear

Amy Early
Amy Early

She's had it since she was born.

A New York mom was so desperate to find her 3-year-old lost teddy bear that she offered a $500 reward for it.

Amy Early said her family was on their way home from Disneyland when her daughter, Morgan, began asking where her beloved bear was.

“We searched and searched and tore the truck apart, making sure it wasn’t in there,” Early told “We were trying to figure out if it made its way out the window."

Early said three-year-old “lost it” and she couldn’t console her. She's had the teddy bear since birth.

That’s when the mom began searching garage sale sites to find the same bear, made by a company named Ganz. 

She even offered $500 for anyone that might find the bear. 

Thankfully, a kind woman, who saw her post, reached out and let her know she had the same bear that she’d bought for her son when she was in a similar situation.

“She knew it wasn’t hers, but it’s easing the pain for sure," Early said.