Bear With a Sweet Tooth Brought Out of Zoo to Enjoy Some Ice Cream at Dairy Queen

The zoo where the bear lives is now facing charges for failing to notify authorities that they were taking the animal out.

bear with a sweet tooth was recently seen heading out for ice cream in Canada. 

The bear was noshing on an ice cream cone at a Dairy Queen drive-thru in Alberta. 

The 1-year-old bear, named Berkley, was sitting in the front seat of an SUV and was remarkably well-behaved as she takes dainty little bites as a vanilla ice cream cone is held out for her.

Berkley lives at the Wildlife Discovery Park in Alberta, which is run by Doug and Serena Bos.

They say the Dairy Queen was closed for regular business and the owner knew all about the plan to give Berkley the tasty delight.

"[The owner] knows Berkely," Serena Bos said. "He is part of our community. We live in a small community, everyone knows Berkley. He greeted her like he would greet your child."

Not everyone was amused, however. The zoo is facing charges for failing to notify authorities ahead of time about the incident, which is a requirement under Canadian wildlife law.

The video was recorded in January but has only now made the rounds on social media. 

"We are embarrassed we did it," Doug Bos told Inside Edition. "I am happy we got charged. We are going to plead guilty to the charges."