Bear Cubs Rescued By a Trooper After Their Mom Was Killed By a Car

They are now being cared for at a rescue center.

The Wildlife Center of Virginia announced their first bundle of black bear cubs they have taken in to care for this year.

Out of the four cubs currently receiving treatment at the facility, two females were separated from their mother in Nelson County, according to the AP.

The other two, a male and a female, were rescued by a Virginia State Trooper when they were found left alone after their mother had been hit and killed by a car on a Franklin County highway.

Videos from the center show the cubs actively playing with one another, biting and rolling on the floor. Additional footage captures the cubs browsing their room and one of the animals playing with the inner tube of a paper towel roll.

One cub even uses its voice and backed away while releasing a "yelp" while being offered food.

The center, a nonprofit that adopts wild animals from around Virginia who are sick, injured or orphaned, says they will limit the human interaction with the cubs.  

The center says the babies will be released back into the wild next spring.