Polar Bear Cub Nanook Takes First Steps at German Zoo

This is the first time Nanook is leaving the birthing box.

An 18-week-old polar bear cub came out to play Friday morning for the first time as her name was revealed at a German zoo.

The cub, whose name was publicized as Nanook, was born on Dec. 4 and has been in her birthing box at Gelsenkirchen’s zoological garden until now.

The 44-pound ball of fluff was led by her mother, Lara, as she made her first appearance.

Nanook was a bit timid at first, curiously sniffing around and walking slowly, but she was later seen running through the grass, swimming and exploring the space with her mommy.

The crowd applauded as Gelsenkirchen Mayor Frank Baranowski revealed the name of the polar bear as he unwrapped her sign, which read, "Nanook."

Five names in total were considered for the new cub. The others included Mathilda, Lenja, Lore and Baerbel, according to APTN/RTL.

Nanook, which means "polar bear" in the Inuit language, was the winner.