Twin Polar Bear Cubs Celebrate Turning 1 With Joint Birthday Party

Playing 'Twinning' Polar Bear Cubs Celebrate Their First Birthdays in Style

It was twice the birthday fun as a pair of polar bear twins celebrated their special day together.

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Twin cubs Neva and Nuniq feasted on fish-filled birthday cakes, played with brightly colored blocks of ice and did birthday laps around their pool as they celebrated turning a year old.

Despite only weighing a couple pounds at birth, Neva now weighs 247 pounds and her brother Nuniq weighs a whopping 397 pounds.

The pair was born on Nov. 14, 2016 to mother polar bear Aurora, who is a twin herself.

Aurora’s twin sister, Anana, also welcomed a cub a week before Neva and Nuniq were born.

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Neva, means “white snow” and Nuniq was named after the pair’s late father.

Their names were a result of a naming contest held to raise money for wildlife conservation around the world.