Mexican Inspectors Find Tiger Cub in Express Mail Package

Mexican inspectors found the sedated tiger cub inside a plastic container.

For some reason, someone tried to express mail a baby tiger in Mexico.

A sedated, 2-month-old Bengal tiger was found inside a plastic container, padded by newspapers, but with no food or water, Mexican authorities said.

Inspectors in the western state of Jalisco discovered the endangered species feline after hearing noises coming from inside a blue plastic box. The container had been perforated to provide air to the tiny cub, authorities said.

The animal was supposed to be shipped to Santiago de Queretaro via express mail, officials said.

Last year, several smuggled white tigers and a black bear were seized by Department of Natural Resources and Environment inspectors.

The cub found Wednesday was dehydrated, but otherwise fine. It is currently being held by the natural resources department.

The case is under investigation.