Critically Endangered Twin Tiger Cubs Thriving at Zoo

They were born earlier in November.

Two adorable, Sumatran tiger cubs were born at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens this month.

The cubs’ mother, 6-year-old Dorcas, gave birth to both boys, which haven’t been named yet, on Nov. 20. It’s the second birth for Dorcas and the babies’ father, Berani. 

The births mark the zoo’s second Sumatran tiger births in its 102-year history. The species is critically endangered. 

The cubs’ sister, Kinleigh Rose, was born on Nov. 19, 2015.

“One of the biggest pleasures as the zoo’s tiger-management program evolves, is watching the effect that it has on the wellness of our animals,” said Dan Dembiec, Supervisor of Mammals. “Dorcas started out as a skittish and shy tigress, but she is now a confident and skilled mother."

The cubs received a medical exam and are already flourishing at 4.5 pounds. Dorcas allowed the staff to briefly take the cubs for their exams.

The cubs will not be on exhibit for several months.

They still require a series of health examinations and vaccinations. 

They’ll continue to strengthen the bond with their mom, and even require a swim test before the cubs are ready to explore their outdoor habitat in public viewing areas.