Adorable Tiger Cub Quadruplets Spend Their Public Debut Play Fighting

The rare white tiger cubs were born at a zoo in China.

These four rare, white tiger cubs couldn't care less about the crowds that gathered to see them at their public debut Thursday.

While their mother sat patiently for visitors at the zoo in Lianyungang in China's Jiangsu Province, the 3-month-old quadruplet cubs were more interested in play fighting, and even climbed on their mom's back for a better swipe at each other.

It was the first time the public got to meet the cute quartet after their births on Aug. 27 and Aug. 28.

It was also the cubs' first time outside. They had been kept in a cage until they were strong enough to leave.

The white tiger is also known as "albino Bengal tiger," and is native to India.

There are currently less than 200 white tigers in the world, but because their white coats make them vulnerable to hunters, almost all are in captivity.