Dr. Noah Arnold Sings to Animals to Relax Them Before Procedures

Dr. Noah Arnold says it helps him relax, too.

Dr. Noah Arnold's treatment is — quite literally — music to his patients' ears. 

The guitar-playing veterinarian, of Dr. Noah's Ark Veterinary Clinic in Shorewood, Wis., calms pets before their procedures by singing to them. 

"I'll often play a song for these guys, help them get relaxed and help me get relaxed," he told WDJT.

His unconventional tactics have garnered him many fans — and new patients. His said his client base has increased ten-fold in just a year.

"It was something I never could do working at a corporate practice, but I find sitting on the floor playing music for these animals really mellows them out," he said.

Janet Arnold, the office manager and Dr. Arnold's mother, approves of his methods.

"I think it's really refreshing for people," she said. "I think they sense the fact that it's genuine. That it isn't just a show."