Doctor Stuns With Extraordinary Singing Voice Between Surgeries

The doctor has been singing since he was a kid.

A Minnesota doctor may be able to quit his day job.

Doctor Elvis Francois, an orthopedic surgery resident at Mayo Clinic, has been singing since he was a kid, but now he's sharing his talent with those at work.

In a recent video posted to Francois’ Instagram, the doctor smoothly sings “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone. This particular serenade was posted after a spine trauma case, he said.

The doctor believes “music is medicine." He started singing in between surgeries at his Rochester clinic last year.

"I grew up singing and I have always been interested in music," Francois said. “Recently I’ve been posting it to social media more. Singing helps keeping spirits lifted between cases. I usually sing around the operating staff.”

Francois said he usually sings once or twice a week for the staff at work, but has also sang for patients every now and then.

"I’ll pick a song that has some good value and that people can relate to,” he said.

Throughout high school the 32-year-old crooner sang in a Capella groups, which cemented his love for music.

The doctor said he’s surprised at all the attention his voice is getting him.

"It’s been pretty amazing. Most of the responses have been that it's really unique,” Francois.

Francois hopes to continue to marry music and medicine in the future.