Mother Deer Helps Her Fawn Cross the Street in Iowa Neighborhood

The tiny fawn didn't know how to get across the road without its mom.

It was the epitome of motherhood as a doe turned to help her fawn cross the street in Iowa.

The touching scene was caught on camera by FedEx delivery man Tony Gardner, of Des Moines, who spotted the two deer while on his route.

“Beautiful day out, driving down the road, and I see this mother deer come walking out from between houses and instantly that caught my attention,” Gardner told “Of course, I slowed down, and I noticed she didn’t continue on her way, stopped, and looked behind her.”

The video then showed a tiny fawn, hiding behind a mailbox, looking unsure of how to reach its mother on the other side of the street.

“I see the mother deer look behind her once again, and start casually walking across the street to the fawn,” Gardner said. “They looked several times and continued on their way across the street and it was so beautiful how she went back and she got her baby.”  

The pair then disappeared into a home's backyard. 

He said when he noticed the scene, he immediately got out of his FedEx truck and blocked the street so they wouldn’t be hit by oncoming cars.

"This fawn would have let me walk up to it, but of course I didn't want to do that," he said. “Here in Des Moines, we see a lot of deer. There’s a lot of wildlife around, so I think it’s pretty common knowledge in the area that if you see a fawn, not to get close to it."