Reindeer Calf Hides Behind Her Mom as She Takes Wobbly First Steps

The newborn weighed just 12 pounds at birth, and has already doubled in size.

This newborn reindeer may be tiny, but she won’t be for much longer.

The female reindeer calf was born at the Brookfield Zoo near Chicago earlier this month.

While still a little wobbly on her feet, the unnamed newborn could be seen in footage from the Chicago Zoological Society, hobbling around the enclosure while staying close to her mom, Bunny.  

She weighed just 12 pounds at birth, and has doubled her weight in two weeks as a result of her mom's rich milk.

Newborn reindeer are born with dark fur that helps them absorb heat from the sun and acts as camouflage, zookeepers explained.

In about two or three months, however, the tiny calf will begin shedding her dark fur and will look more like her mama.


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