Penguin Named 'Her Majesty Gertrude Sprinklebottom' Joins Newborn Animals at Zoo

The female Humboldt Penguin chick is nicknamed Gertie for short.

Spring is the season of rebirth, and at the Columbus Zoo, a collection of new babies is making their debut.

Her Majesty Gertrude Sprinklebottom, nicknamed Gertie, is one of the seven newborns that hatched over the winter.

The female Humbolt penguin chick arrived mid-February, and while she was laid by parents Katja and Hans, a different penguin couple, Asela and Chirriante, are acting as her foster parents.

Gertie weighs more than 2 pounds, and is beginning to eat tiny pieces of solid trout.

Born just three days earlier is an unnamed female silver leaf langur.

She is easy to spot in her enclosure since baby langurs are born orange, and grow into their black and silver coats later in life. Researchers believe the bright coat helps encourage all the female langurs in the troop to care for the newborn.

Five tiny Asian small-clawed otters were born a few weeks earlier, on Jan. 26.

The unnamed pups — three males and two females — were born to first time parents, Gus and Peanut, who now keep the pups under their watchful eye.

While not yet on display to the public, the five pups are expected to be on display to the public later this spring.

All three species are considered at-risk due to habitat loss, and the new births are significant in re-populating the species in captivity.