Cute Baby Giraffe Takes First Steps Just Minutes After Being Born

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Watch out April! There’s a new baby giraffe in town. 

At Florida's Brevard Zoo, staff members are rejoicing at the birth of a calf on March 17. The baby was born to 16-year-old Milenna. 

Milenna had a 13-15 month gestation period before the precious baby boy's arrival. Both mom and baby are thriving, according to zoo officials.

"Every birth is incredibly significant, but giraffe births are especially awe-inspiring,” said Michelle Smurl, the zoo’s director of animal programs. "We’re thrilled to share this moment with the world."

The baby’s dad is 19-year-old Rafiki, who has fathered 11 calves at the zoo. 

Zoo staff captured the first moments of the calf’s life on video. At birth, he was more than 6 feet tall at birth and weighed 148 pounds.

The mom and calf will remain behind the scenes for the next few weeks, zoo officials said.

Milenna’s previous calf was born in March 2016.


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