'Talking' Giraffe Calf Delights Staff at Abilene Zoo in Texas

The baby giraffe 'talks' in a cow-like "moo" when separated from her mom.

How now brown... giraffe?

A baby giraffe at the Abilene Zoo in Texas has been captured on video mooing like a cow. The recent arrival was not pleased when she was separated from mom for a medical procedure. That's when she let out several bovine-like bellows.

Zoo staffers were able to grab cell phone video of what they called a rare occurrence of the giraffe "vocalizing."

The calf weighs nearly 200 pounds and is bonding well with her first-time mom, zoo officials said. She was introduced to other giraffes in the zoo's growing herd, including her half-brother, Cha Tatu. He took the opportunity to do what big brothers do often: Annoy his baby sister.

After he kept biting her ears, she appeared fed up and ambled away.

The zoo's giraffe population has tripled in past two years. A ceremony will soon be held to announce the name of the mooing giraffe, officials said.