Behind the Scenes of the New Year's Eve Ball Drop

Inside Edition got a special look at the festivities.

Monday night will bring another drop of the iconic New Year’s Eve ball in Manhattan’s Times Square. 

Ryan Seacrest and Jenny McCarthy will return as hosts of “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve," braving the wild weather to put on the show.  

“Nothing stops us and nothing stops the millions of people who come out to watch this in person as well,” Seacrest told Inside Edition. 

Still, they said they are blown away by how many people turn out to celebrate the big occasion. 

"These are people who, in their real lives, have no lack of commitment because they commit for 12 hours to be in the same spot,” Seacrest said.

"This is a bucket list experience you have to do once, so why not?" McCarthy added.

This year promises to be extra special, especially for McCarthy, because her husband, Donnie Wahlberg, will be performing with New Kids on the Block. 

"Nine years ago, it was my first time hosting and Donnie performed with New Kids, and he said, ‘Hi Jenny McCarthy,’ and I said, ‘Hi Donnie,’ and that was it," she said. "Now, I’m married to him and he's performing so it's going to be very sentimental."

"... It's going to blow everyone's mind its extra special I’ll tell you that,” she added."

When the ball drops, its estimated there will be a million people packing Times Square, ready to ring in 2019 but with all those partygoers in one contained area, there is always concern about how to keep them safe.  

“I never think about it, [the] NYPD is so good. They're the best in the world and I think they have it covered as they do every year,” Seacrest said. 

"I feel safest in Times Square on New Year’s Eve than anywhere else,” McCarthy echoed.