Bella Swan's Home From 'Twilight' Listed on Airbnb, Starting at $330 a Night

Bella Swan's home was featured prominently in the "Twilight" saga.
Bella Swan's home was featured prominently in the "Twilight" saga. (Lionsgate)

If you’ve ever fantasized of being part of a "Twilight" movie, this Airbnb listing might just be your dreams come true.

The set of Bella Swan’s home from the adaptation of Stephanie Meyer’s teen vampire books is now available to rent, starting at $330 a night.

Even though Bella, played by Kristen Stewart, and her dad technically lived in Forks, Washington, the five-bedroom, 10-person occupancy house is located about four hours away in St. Helens, Oregon, one of the locations the "Twilight" saga was filmed.

Not only does the two-story home look exactly like it did in the film, it even has photos and memorabilia from the movie, including life-size cutouts of Bella and her werewolf pseudo-beau, Jacob Black.

The same home was listed for sale last year at $349,000. The original owner, who had the home for nearly 16 years, touted at the time that all the original décor installed by movie producers, like the blue wallpaper, was left untouched.


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