Beloved Instagram Star Dog Chloe Dies After Hospital's 'Fatal Error'

The dog's owners are devastated by the pup's shocking death.

One of America’s most beloved dogs has died after an animal hospital admits it made a fatal error.

Chloe, a spunky French bulldog, was an Instagram star with nearly 200,000 fans following her adventures.

The dog's owners, Loni Edwards and Phil Toronto, say they are devastated by her death.

"She made us so happy and we thought her photos would make other people happy and it just took off,” Edwards told Inside Edition. "She was such a big part of our lives. She was truly our child."

"She genuinely loved each and every person she met,” Toronto added. 

Chloe died at Blue Pearl Pet Hospital in Manhattan following a routine surgical procedure on her throat at another facility. 

"The team at Blue Pearl didn't calibrate the oxygen properly and put it directly into her and it blew out her lungs and they had to rush her to emergency surgery and she had multiple heart failures, cardiac arrest from the stress and they finally let us go down to see her but her heart was barely beating and then it just stopped,” Edwards recalled as she fought back tears. 

On social media, there is an outpouring of sadness, which has offered some solace to Chloe's owners.

“It's been really therapeutic," Toronto said. 

"Seeing that had in her short little life she impacted so many people and brought so much joy all around the world. It's nice, she definitely did that for us,” Edwards added. 

The animal hospital told Inside Edition they are sorry. They also admit it was a medical error that shouldn't have happened, adding they are taking steps to ensure it doesn't happen again.