Best Friends Return Each Other's Wedding Dresses 29 Years After Mix-Up

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These two best friends had no idea they had each taken something from the other.

Christine Besso got married 29 years ago, and she stored her wedding dress in a box, a precious reminder of the special day. But one day when she opened the box, what she saw was a surprise.

It wasn't her dress.

"My dress was all lace and this was a different fabric," Besso said. "I was so upset. I had a pit in my stomach."

She turned to social media, and the #FindChristinesDress campaign was launched. 

When Lisa Donnelly Denton got wind of the campaign, she decided to check her own wedding dress box. She didn't have her wedding dress either. So she sent a picture to her best friend.

"We both start screaming, 'What! We have each other's dresses? How in the world? What!'" Donnelly-Denton said.

The two women were bridesmaids in each other's weddings. And somehow their boxes got switched.

Inside Edition was there the women they returned each other's dress. The emotions from their big days came flooding back.


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