Couple Gets a Wedding Do-Over After Hurricane Florence Turned Original Plans Upside Down

A North Carolina couple is taking a second trip down the aisle to have the wedding of their dreams.

A couple’s dream wedding was put on hold thanks to Hurricane Florence last year. Now, they're getting a redo with Inside Edition’s Steven Fabian help. 

For Sierra Fairley and Brian Kurian, cancelling their wedding in Wilmington, North Carolina, was a heartbreaking decision, especially since the bride-to-be had put so much work into planning her big day. The groom took on two jobs to pay for the expenses.

"I was more than willing to say 'I do' in the hurricane," he told Inside Edition last September. "If I get blown away, at least I tried."

But Fairley vetoed that idea, and the couple alerted their 115 guests that their wedding had to be postponed.

At the time, Fabian gave the couple a mock wedding and helped them celebrate on what was supposed to be their big day. The bride’s dad gave away his daughter. Inside Edition producer Alycia Powers assisted with the wedding rings.

Earlier this month, the couple had their official wedding, and Fabian was there to officiate the nuptials.

Finally, Fairley was able to wear the gown of her dreams.

“I'm very, very excited to marry the love of my life,” Kurian told Fabian. 

Many of the 100 guests who had been invited to the original ceremony were on hand for the new big day.

The bride was able to walk down the aisle with her dad for real this time and her husband had tears in his eyes. 

Fabian even introduced the couple at their reception and gifted them umbrellas – just in case of rain. 

The couple even danced to Rihanna’s “Umbrella” as their song.