Bikers Confront Family in Tense Road Rage Standoff

Motorcyclists blocked the family's vehicle and drove slowly in front of them.

Terrifying video shows the tense moment a group of bikers confronted a family during a road rage incident.

The footage taken in Silverado Canyon, California, shows the bikers pulling in front of the family's vehicle, blocking it from passing. The driver, Lee Vogel, honks in an attempt to get them to move, but the bikers just sit there.

Vogel, who was driving his girlfriend and 6-year-old daughter, tries to pull around the bikers — but they cut him off again and even give him the finger.

"I got very nervous and very worried for my family," Vogel told Inside Edition. "You just don't know what's about to happen. ... I thought I was going to be pulled out of my car against my will."

One of the bikers — a woman — then approaches the vehicle.

"What's your f***ing problem?" she says.

"You guys did not see us coming, all right?" Vogel's girlfriend is heard saying, before adding, "Guys, guys, our kid is in here."

Vogel tells the group that he got the whole incident on camera. The female biker becomes so enraged that the other bikers have to pull her away.

"It really scared the heck out of my daughter," Vogel said. "It was a really traumatic day for her, to be honest."

The startling incident is reminding many of the famous road rage incident on New York City's West Side Highway in 2013 when a family in a Range Rover found themselves blocked by bikers.

In that case, the terrified driver took off, plowing into the bikers, including one who was left paralyzed. The bikers gave chase, eventually catching up with the car before busting out a window and beating up the driver in front of his wife and daughter. The driver, who was not charged, needed 20 stitches.