Bill Cosby Has Lost a Lot of Weight After 1 Year in Prison

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Thursday marks one year behind bars for Bill Cosby as prisoner NN7687, and the disgraced comedian is apparently looking a lot different these days.

Cosby spokesman Andrew Wyatt along with civil rights leader Ben Chavis visited him at the Phoenix State Correctional institution in Pennsylvania.

The fallen icon has lost a lot of weight. After going into prison at 220 pounds, he's now down to 187. 

"He has a washboard stomach," Wyatt told Inside Edition. "He is doing amazingly well. He is just someone who is mentally strong." 

"We saw a strong Bill Cosby today," Chavis told Inside Edition. 

However, Cosby’s wife of 55 years, Camille, has not visited him once in the year he has been locked up. Wyatt said Cosby doesn't want his family to see him behind bars and requested they do not come. 

But former inmates have said Cosby seemed to have acclimated himself well to life behind bars. Raheem Shackleford, who was released earlier this year, met Cosby at Phoenix and spoke to Inside Edition in May about his interactions with him.

Shackleford said Cosby liked to crack jokes "all day long. ... As soon as he exits the cell or off the unit, he's just Bill Cosby. He's nothing different."

Shackleford also recalled the first time he spoke to Cosby.

"I said, 'How are you, Mr. Cosby?' And he said, 'I'm rather fine.' So I said, 'How they treating you back there?' He said, 'First-class service,'" Shackleford said. "He keeps his humor."


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