Bird Flu Detected in Third Indiana Farm

Wild turkeyWild turkey
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Around 6,500 birds within the Indiana flock have been tested, adding to the 24 states that have tested positive for the avian flu.

State officials confirmed that Avian influenza — also known as bird flu — has been detected in a third Indiana duck farm, according to AP news.

This confirmation came after a commercial flock of about 6,500 ducks in Elkhart County was tested and came back positive for the flu. 

These samples are currently being verified through the US Department of Agriculture’s National Veterinary Services Laboratory in Iowa, according to the Indiana State Board of Animal Health.

Previous flocks that tested positive to the strain in Indiana were killed, but the animal health board has not confirmed whether this would be the route of action for this third flockt. 

Tests to confirm if this strain is the same as the one that infected the previous flocks have not been completed yet, but other bird owners in the area have been contacted to schedule their flocks for testing, according to the AP. 

While 24 states have had their live poultry affected by the bird flu, no human cases have been detected and health officials are saying that its presence is not an immediate concern to public safety.

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