Blind and Deaf Dog Rescued From Trash Bag Found on Side of the Road

He'd been there for a few days doctors said.

A blind and deaf Shih Tzu in Tennessee has endured a life of neglect.

The dog, named Buddy, was found last week inside two trash bags left on the side of the road. 

Erin Lebo was driving by in Rutherford County when she noticed the trash bag alongside the road and turned her car around. Inside the bag, Buddy was fighting for his life.

She immediately rushed him to Savannah's Crossing Veterinary Hospital.

"He looks like he's probably lived in a cage or [suffered] extreme neglect," Dr. Mike Maddux told WTVF. "I think he's at least 10 years old, he may be as old as 12." 

Doctors estimated that the pup had been in the bag for three or four days, based on his dehydration level.

Lebo believes she may have stumbled onto a "dog dumping ground," as she discovered several dog skulls in the area where she found Buddy.

It seems Buddy was one of the lucky ones.

"What some people mean for harm, God turns for good," Lebo said.

"At least his last few years he can know that somebody loves him, somebody cares for him and make him more comfortable in the time that he has left and I think that's really important," Lebo said.