Blind Man Surprised With Embroidered Sonogram of His 1st Child, Making It Possible for Him to ‘See’ His Baby


A blind man in England and a soon-to-be a dad for the first time and was gifted an embroidered sonogram of his baby from a local guide dog trainer to help him “see” his child in the womb.

Nathan Edge, 26, became visually impaired when he was 6. His partner, Emma Fotheringham, also 26, is due to have their first child in May and became upset that her child's father could not see his baby, according to People.

Local guide dog trainer Deb Fisher found out and made the special embroidery for Edge.

“She said she had never embroidered before but would love to try and embroider all of our scans for Nathan to enable us to experience the joy of our baby boy growing together," Fotheringham told People. “I couldn’t believe someone could be so kind and thoughtful and knew it would be something very special for Nathan.”

Edge took to Twitter on Dec. 10 to share the news of the gift he had just been given.

“Received this amazing surprise today... it’s an embroidered tactile version of our 12-week baby scan, so for the first time as a blind dad to be, I’m able to build a picture of our baby scan through touch,” he wrote.

The tweet took off, being retweeted 1,800 times, quoted 743 times, and liked more than 32,000 times. 


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