Bode Miller's Daughter Wandered Off and Fell Into Swimming Pool in Matter of Moments, Authorities Say

19-month-old Emeline was not in the pool long when she was discovered Saturday.

Decorated skier Bode Miller's young daughter was missing for just a few moments before she was found floating in a neighbor's swimming pool over the weekend.

Orange County Fire Authority Battalion Chief Marc Stone told that Emeline Miller, like so many children who perish in the same manner each summer, did not need long to wander off to the pool.

Nor did the family need long to find her. Stone confirmed that Emeline's mother, beach volleyball player Morgan Beck Miller, ran to the backyard as soon as she realized the 19-month-old wasn't beside her.

According to Stone, 911 was called immediately after she was discovered in the pool and operators instructed the caller on how to administer CPR.

Once paramedics arrived, Stone said they continued resuscitation efforts "for quite some time" and were able to get pulses and respiration from Emeline.

She was rushed to a hospital where efforts were continued, but it was too late. Emeline was pronounced dead at Mission Hospital in Laguna Beach, Calif.

As the Millers mourn, Stone cautions others that the same tragedy can happen to just about anyone.

A child can drown in mere moments in just two to four inches of water, Stone said.

With summer at our doorsteps, he says "it's vigilance" that will keep other parents from suffering the same loss.