Bodycam Footage Captures Astonishing Exchange of Gunfire Between Cop, Murder Suspects During Chase

It looked like a scene right out of an action movie.

Footage from a violent car chase and shootout straight out of a Hollywood action flick has emerged, capturing the exchange of gunfire between Las Vegas cops and two murder suspects. 

The incident occurred Wednesday but the footage of the dramatic incident surfaced this week. 

The drama began during the Vegas morning rush hour as Officer William Umana chased two murder suspects in a dark SUV.

The fleeing suspects even head into oncoming traffic and fired shots at the cop in bold attempts to make their getaway. 

“I’ve been shot at," the cop is heard telling dispatchers

He was not injured, but the barrage of gunshots can be heard coming from the SUV. Its occupants included suspects Fidel Miranda, 22, and Rene Nunez, 30. 

The officer was right behind the SUV when he fires through his own windshield. He then shot out the side window and through his windshield back at the SUV. 

It all came to an end at an elementary school as plainclothes cop, Paul Solomon, who was armed with a shotgun, fired his weapon at the SUV. 

Miranda was struck and killed in the gunfight. 

At a news conference that followed the shootout, cops showed photos of the bullet-riddled police car.

"We're just lucky and fortunate that those suspects didn't hit an innocent bystander. Very, very lucky," a spokesman for the Las Vegas Police Department said. 

Security consultant Steve Kardian analyzed the video for Inside Edition. 

"It is not common to shoot at moving vehicles especially through the windshield, however, under these circumstances, he had to stop them or somebody was going to get killed," he said. 

Officials say both suspects had lengthy criminal records. The one who survived faces multiple charges including open murder and attempted murder.