Capital Gazette Shooting: Heart-Stopping Video Captures Desperate Rush to Escape

Screams and shouting can be heard as the building is evacuated following the shooting.

Heart-stopping video from inside the Capital Gazette building shows the terrifying moment those inside desperately tried to evacuate. 

The video also displays the chaos as evacuees are seen fleeing the building from an elevator and into the parking lot with their hands in the air. 

Police are posted outside, asking whether anyone was hurt. 

The video comes as the woman who claims she was stalked for years by the Capital Gazette gunman described the tumultuous time.

“I have been tormented, traumatized, and terrorized for so long that it has changed the fiber of my being," the woman, who chose to not be named, told the "Today" Show Monday. 

With her face in shadow, she said she was a high school classmate of Jarrod Ramos, the man accused of gunning down five people in the Capital Gazette newsroom Thursday. 

She says he began stalking her in 2009 after he reached out to her on Facebook. 

"I would be afraid he could show up anywhere at any time and kill me," she said. 

After the Capital Gazette reported on her stalking ordeal, Ramos focused his violent obsession on the newspaper.

“He is very cold," she said. "He is very calculated." 

Ramos was sentenced to 18 months supervised probation after he pleaded guilty to criminal harassment.

New details of the police effort to identify Jarrod Ramos have been released. Authorities used advanced facial recognition technology to learn the shooter's name.

Facial recognition expert Roger Rodriguez of Vigilant Solutions showed Inside Edition how the system works. 

“You can snap a photo of somebody at a pretty good distance and still identify who that person is,” he said. “What you're looking at is a 3D tool that allows a facial examiner to compare different angles of the face."

The technology can confirm the identification by comparing the face to a database of mugshots. 

It took just a minute for Rodriguez to identify Ramos.