Border Guards Come to the Rescue of Baby Deer Seen Slipping on Ice

The officer who grabbed the fawn by the scruff of its neck slipped mid-rescue.

It wasn’t the typical day at work for these border guards, who were recently tasked with rescuing a fawn that had gotten itself trapped on ice.

The Finnish Border Guards were alerted to the stranded baby deer on the Inkoo archipelago, located south of the country.

It became clear the fawn needed help when an APTN video showed the animal could barely stand on its four legs.

Coast Guard officer Kristian Rasted decided to intervene, holding the deer by the scruff of its neck and sliding it to more sturdy ground, but it wasn't easy, as Rasted himself slipped during the rescue.

As the fawn dashed into the woods after being moved to firmer ground, Rasted gave a thumbs-up to the camera to indicate a job well done.