Boston Man in 'Elsa' Costume from 'Frozen' Steps Out in Blizzard, Helps Push Police Van

Boston attorney dons 'Elsa' costume, gets filmed helping push police van during blizzard.

Sometimes, a man just needs to dress up like Elsa from Frozen.

Just ask Boston attorney Jason Triplett.

On Tuesday night, as a Nor'easter was blowing out of Boston, Triplett donned an Elsa costume he just happened to have in a closet and floated down to The Gallows Bar in Boston, where he was going to join a group of friends for drinks. 

Outside the tavern, a Boston Police van was stuck in a slushy mess and Triplett hiked up his skirt and helped push the vehicle free.

Of course, patrons filmed it with their cellphones and video of the funny sight went viral. 

"Its my 15 minutes," Triplett said Wednesday of his new internet fame. "I couldn't believe this happened," he told

Triplett said he actually bought the costume last year on a whim, after thinking it would be funny to wear the Frozen gown during a freezing snow storm.

But he didn't actually venture out in the dress until Tuesday. "I just did this to crack my friends up," he said. Bar revelers can be heart cheering and laughing as Triplett pushes and slides in the snow while trying to help Boston's finest get on their way.

When the van is ultimately unstuck and on its way, Triplett bowed to his fans.

"I don't do this as a profession," he said. "I'm not a drag queen. But after all this attention, "I'm hanging up the Elsa jersey," he said. 

Do his legal colleagues know about his Elsa costume?

"They do now," he said, laughing.