Both Bride and Groom Diagnosed With Cancer Months After Getting Married: 'It Seemed Very Unfair'

Annette Maguire, 50, was diagnosed with lymphoma just two weeks after her husband, Michael, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

An Ohio couple’s happily ever after was interrupted after they were both diagnosed with cancer just months after their wedding.

Michael Maguire, 52, and his bride Annette, 50, of Bowling Green, were married in June after knowing each other for eight years.

Just five months later, Michael was diagnosed with stage 1 pancreatic cancer.

Two weeks after that, Annette discovered she had stage 3 lymphoma.

“I was really angry,” Annette told “We get married, and everything’s starting, and we’re so happy, and all of a sudden, you’re not giving us that time? It seemed very unfair.”

The Maguires — who have seven children between them and several grandkids — explained they were caught completely off guard by Michael’s diagnosis.

Annette, who has experienced health problems since she was young, said she noticed symptoms of her lymphoma immediately after her husband was diagnosed, but wrote it off as stress until a friend convinced her to go to the doctor.

“Two weeks later, she gets diagnosed with lymphoma,” Michael said. “We were both looking around thinking, ‘Is this a joke?’ or, ‘Is this a dream and can we wake up now?’”

Fortunately, both Michael and Annette are expected to be in remission once they complete chemotherapy, but their journey to a clean bill of health has taken its toll.

Michael went through invasive surgery immediately after his diagnosis and his treatments has left him unable to work as a special education teacher.

“Six months ago, I was invincible. Nothing could touch me,” Michael said. “But with the chemotherapy, I can’t do it. It just knocks all the stuffing out of me.”

Annette now works two jobs to support both of them despite also experiencing the side effects of chemotherapy.

“Sometimes it’s been stressful,” she explained. “I’m not going to lie, I cry a lot. Even though we love each other so much, it’s been rough, but if you expect me to fight longer, I will. I will fight to be with Michael and I’m sure Michael’s going to fight to be with me.”

To donate to the couples’ mounting medical bills, visit their GoFundMe page.