Bouncy Terrier Jumps Up and Down for a Slice of Toast

Cooper's owners say the pup has always been this energetic.

Cooper’s going cuckoo for carbs.

A toy box terrier was captured in a video licensed by Caters News bouncing up and down for a peek at a slice of toast his owners put on the table for breakfast.

Cooper's owners, Kelly Auger and Bob Warner, said their 2-year-old pup has had a strange infatuation with bread ever since he was a puppy.

“As soon as he sees bread, he will repeatedly jump until we give in to him and share a slice," Auger said. "He is content with every meal – as long as he has bread."

In fact, their beloved pup has had the same energetic tendencies since he was a puppy.

"Cooper has always been a playful dog," she said. "He will jump on the spot for a long while before stopping for a short break."