Boy, 10, Bursts Into Sobs at Disney World When Told He Is Being Adopted

Ten-year-old Marcus was one very happy boy at the Magic Kingdom.

A 10-year-old boy was granted his favorite wish at his most favorite place in the world.

John Marcus Patterson, nee Costa, was all smiles, and then a sobbing mess, as he learned he had been adopted by his stepfather.

"He said 'This is the best thing ever,' about 20 times," said Ryan Patterson, the boy's new legal guardian. "So why not have the best day ever at the happiest place on Earth?"

Patterson and the boy's mother, Jenny, have been married for three years. They started dating when John Marcus was 3, and ever since then, the boy has considered Patterson his only dad.

"He's always wanted me to be his real dad," Patterson told Tuesday. "He just knew that adoption means he gets my last name, and he wanted to have the same last name as his sister."

Nine-year-old Ellora is Patterson's daughter from a previous relationship.

John Marcus' biological father is not in the picture. "He has never met him," Patterson said. 

Ryan and Jenny had started the adoption process long before the family traveled from their home in Ontario, Canada, to Orlando, Florida. The final paperwork arrived just in time, Ryan said. 

It was important they be at Disney World in October, when the characters from his favorite movie, "The Nightmare Before Christmas," are appearing at the amusement park.

So as John Marcus approached the spooky movie's couple, Jack and Sally, Jenny gave her son a button that said his stepdad was adopting him. 
The child's jaw dropped, and then the tears came, prompting hugs from mom, Sally and Jack.

"I cried. My wife cried. Every person in the line was crying. All the cast members were crying," said Ryan Patterson.

The boy's reaction couldn't have been better.

"I loved it. It was perfect. It was just what I wanted," the dad said.