Boy With Rare Disease Gifted With a 'Toy Story'-Themed Bedroom

The 4-year-old is living with a rare form of spinal muscular atrophy.

Brayden Deno thinks his new "Toy Story"-themed room is out of this world.

It's particularly special because the 4-year-old is living with a rare form of spinal muscular atrophy.

"His muscles are deteriorating and his muscle strength is getting weaker and weaker and he loses his balance," his mother, Megan Deno, told WBNG.

A Room to Heal stepped in to help.

The Binghamton, New York-based nonprofit organization helps transform spaces into calm, uplifting environments in order to help children who are fighting critical illnesses.

"When we met Brayden, he immediately said he wanted a Buzz Lightyear room so we ran with that. We got him a new bed that's lower to the ground so that will help him get in and out of bed. It has lighting underneath the bed so he can change the color of the bed," the organization said.

Originally, Brayden's room was on his home’s second floor. With his condition, it became hard for him to go up and down the stairs. So the family repurposed their dining room on the first floor to make it easier on him.

The Deno family says they are grateful to the community for chipping in.

“You could really tell that he loved everything about it and he will definitely grow and love every minute of it,” Megan said.