Boy Writes Mom a Letter to Explain He Wasn’t at School After Missing Bus

In 2017, a Missouri boy missed his bus and wrote a letter to his mom explaining why.
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The boy even added a pros and cons list for staying home.

A Missouri boy’s adorable note to his mother explaining why he missed school has taken Twitter by storm.

The letter, written in 2017, was shared by his sister, Sarah, Tuesday on Twitter.

In the note, the boy explains in very formal terms that he missed school because he didn’t make it to the bus. 

“As your son, I regret to inform you that I’ve missed my means of public transportation,” he states in the letter. “I know you must be on a roller coaster of emotions right now but rest assured, I’ve decided to stay home. This was a tough decision to make while you were gone for 20 minutes.”  

The boy also wrote that he “will probably be in my bed moping about the fact that I can’t go to school,” and told his mom, “please don’t interrupt me.” 

The boy even added a pros and cons list for staying home. 

The pros included: It was his first day home from school that quarter, it was a bad hair day and he was predicting it be a terrible day. 

The cons included: It might become a habit, but he wrote that he doubted that. 

After the tweet went viral, Sarah updated everyone on Twitter that her mom did let her brother stay home from school.