Boyfriend Who Eats Kit Kats Entirely Wrong Makes Up for Viral Shame With Proposal

Evan Wilt went viral last month for taking an enormous bite out of a Kit Kat without first breaking it into pieces.

The world may have been laughing at the way he eats a Kit Kat, but maybe now he'll catch a break.

Evan Wilt, the 23-year-old who was subjected to widespread social media mockery for taking a massive bite down the middle of a Kit Kat, he reached out to Kit Kat for help proposing to his girlfriend.

The candymaker obliged, sending him a 3D-printed Kit Kat with a ring embedded inside. On the day he proposed, Wilt presented it to his girlfriend, Haley Byrd.

"I just pulled out this Kit Kat bar and she just looks really confused," Wilt said of his Tuesday proposal. "I unwrap it and there was a fake ring inside the Kit Kat bar."

Wilt went viral a month ago when Byrd posted a picture of him on Twitter of him biting into the middle of a Kit Kat without first breaking it off into separate pieces.

"I looked away for a minute and he tells me about how he’s never had a Kit Kat before," Byrd told "I look back and he's taken like this massive, ‘Jaws’-shaped bite out of the Kit Kat."

Wilt added, "I was really confused because I didn't think I did anything wrong. I just took a bite."

The photo immediately went viral, with the Twitterverse advising Byrd, "Dump him."

"There were a lot of angry people out there," Wilt joked.

He said he had planned on proposing to his girlfriend at that point and already had the ring, but he decided to play on his viral shame

So Wilt began brainstorming different ways to include the chocolate bar into his proposal with Kit Kat. They eventually settled on a 3D-printed chocolate bar held together by magnets, which he would break apart (instead of chomp through the middle) to reach the ring.

"He had to unwrap it like a real Kit Kat bar and everything," Byrd said.

Although Byrd had a hunch he was about the pop the question, she said she was just as happy with the romantic and silly gesture.

As for his quirky eating habits, Wilt said he now realizes, "Breaking apart is better because you get to share them."