Yearbook Portraits Go Viral After Teen Reveals He Posed for Sick Brother's Photo

“We always do stuff like that," Marcus Williams said.

Brothers always have each other's back, but a twin comes in handy when you need someone with whom you share a face.

Marcus and Malcolm Williams, 21, of Greenville, S.C., went viral earlier this week after their senior yearbook portraits were posted online.

Think the two pictures look similar? That’s because Malcolm took both pictures.

"He said it was a piece of cake," Marcus told "We always do stuff like that."

He explained he was sick on school picture day, and because there were no make-up sessions for the seniors, he just asked Malcolm to be his stand in.

“He didn’t really think twice about it,” Marcus said. “His name came before mine so he took his picture first. He walked out of the room, five minutes later came back into the room and sat down being me. Nobody recognized him and nobody looked at him funny or anything like that."

To make it more believable, Malcolm put on a straight face for his twin’s photo, since Marcus is the known to be more serious of the pair.

"When I seen it, I really could do nothing but laugh," Marcus said. "A lot of people think it’s two different people."

Meanwhile, Justin Holcomb of Odessa, Texas, recalled the day he and his twin pulled a switcharoo, posing for each other's portraits — on purpose.

“Ironically, I think it ended up making it even more special,” Holcomb told “Rather than just capturing a single moment, [it] encapsulates our whole childhood of being a twin.”