Brave Firefighter Carries Flaming Gas Tank Down Several Flights of Stairs to Prevent Building Explosion

Firefighter Dong Yuanzhe's heroic act was caught on camera.

A firefighter risked his life to carry an explosive gas tank out of a burning building to keep the home from blowing up.

Dong Yuanzhe, a firefighter in China’s Shandong province, was filmed pulling a flaming gas cylinder out of a kitchen, down several flights of stairs before he ultimately removed it from the building, where it was extinguished.

Dong was part of the 14-firefighter team that responded to the call of a fire in Zibo City Sunday night.

According to CCTV, the firefighters noticed flames coming from the second-floor kitchen within minutes of arriving to the scene.

A liquid gas cylinder caught fire as they were putting out the flames, and Dong immediately grabbed the explosive and removed it from the building, where firefighters hosed it down for several minutes to prevent it from reigniting.