The Breakdown Episode 4: Why Does This Bodybuilder Have a Pet Monkey?

Playing The Breakdown: We Find Out How Many Poppy Seed Bagels It Takes to Fail a Drug Test

How easy is it to fail a drug test because of eating poppy seeds? And why does a bodybuilder have a pet monkey?

Host Luke Mones will bring you the answers to these questions — and more — during Episode 4 of The Breakdown,'s weekly digital show.

After an expectant mom failed a drug test because of a poppy seed bagel, we decided to put our team to the test. Three staff members ate different amounts of poppy seeds before taking a drug test. How did they fare?

On this week's "We’ve Got the Video," digital reporter Stephanie Officer meets Jay Kennedy, whose YouTube videos document life with his pet monkey. 

And on "Flashback," we take a look at a package about internet addicts from Inside Edition’s vault and speak to a current day addict, who looks a lot like someone you may know.

Watch the latest episode of The Breakdown above for more.

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